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Walmart announcement: What are people saying?

Retailer Roundtable

Last week Walmart announced a first step to address toxic chemicals in their stores, taking the lead in our Mind the Store challenge. I asked a few of our field’s leading experts, bloggers and parents: What do you think of Walmart’s announcement? 

Read some of the different responses in our first Retailer Roundtable discussion:

Sarah Vogel

New policy promises safer ingredients in household and personal care products – by Sarah Vogel at Environmental Defense Fund

Groovy Green Livin

Walmart is listening, Mind the Store campaign is working, still a ways to go – by Lori Alper at Groovy Green Livin’

Mark Rossi

The right formula, but just a first step – by Mark Rossi from Clean Production Action at GreenBiz

Spit that out!

While change can be hard to win, large corporations take small steps – by Paige Wolf at Spit that Out

Greening of Westford

P&G and Walmart phase out toxic chemcials – by Kristina at Greening of Westford

working mom goes green

This Walmart shopper says “thank you” – by Shannon Hinderberger at Working Mom Goes Green

Veritey logo

Victory, but still a lot left unsaid, unkown & undone – by Amy Ziff of Veritey

Eco Karen

Is this just “greenwashing”? – by Karen at EcoKaren

Speaking up does make a difference – Katy Farber at

Lindsay Dahl

Walmart takes the lead in Mind the Store challenge – by Lindsay Dahl of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families