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New research found toxic flame retardants in 100% of breast milk tested. Organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs), commonly found in plastic electronics, are highly persistent, much like PFAS. They are passed from our products to us to the environment and are harmful to our health. 

To its credit, Best Buy has already removed these chemicals from the plastic enclosures of its own-brand TVs. But these chemicals may be hiding in many other plastic electronics it sells.

Best Buy must take the next step to keep OFRs off its store shelves and ensure substitutes are safe. The science is clear that these harmful chemicals have no place in our products.

Scientific evidence shows that, when possible, breastfeeding is healthiest for babies and moms, preventing infections and other health problems. With the critical role that breastfeeding plays in child and maternal health, we can’t delay actions to make it as safe as possible. 

We must act now to phase out OFRs wherever safer alternatives are available.