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What steps are retailers taking on toxic chemicals?

As a part of our new campaign, Mind the Store, we’re asking
the top retailers to move away from toxic chemicals
in consumer products. It’s a big ask, but we think by working with our coalition, they will be up to the task and a road to safer chemicals can be paved.

Many of these retailers have taken steps in the right direction on toxic chemicals, but the steps they’ve taken are small in light of the problem we face. We’re asking retailers to create robust corporate chemical policies to really move the market towards safer chemicals. Take a look at retailers’ current efforts on reducing toxic chemicals and check out the adventures of women who visited the stores asking them to Mind the Store!

Send a letter to the retailers today (and then share with your friends!)

The Home Depot



  • Lori is hopeful that Walgreens will become a front runner.
  • Read more about Walgreens


Best Buy

Costco member feedback






A big thanks to these inspirational bloggers for their efforts to move the market away from toxic chemicals! We would like to be able to go shopping without fear of purchasing harmful items for our families and ourselves. With the combined efforts of concerned citizens around the country as well as the top retailers ongoing efforts, we are hoping that trips to your local retailer will come with a little extra piece of mind.